About Us

So here’s the elevator pitch.

We’re an average middle class family of three; mom, dad, and daughter that loves to travel.  Always up for a new adventure, we travel on a budget and like to stay busy.  We’re an average family that has chosen to live extraordinary.

Who are we?

Well… let me start off by telling you who we are not.

We’re not a nomadic family.  We don’t live on the road; we’re not always traveling.  We have a home in Western New York.  We live in an average 3 bedrooms / 2 bath home with our 2 dogs, a cat, and our newly adopted guinea pig.

We’re not a world school / home schooling family.  Our daughter attends the local public school down the road.

We’re not wealthy.  We’re not living off a trust fund as we travel the world.  We are an average middle class family, working 9-5 jobs (well actually 7-3.)

So… Who are we?

Well, we’re just an average family; mom, dad, and daughter with a passion for travel and exploring.  We want to see and experience the world.  We’re chipping away at our goal one school break at a time!

What makes us different?

I hope you’re not expecting much here.  We’re really not that different.  We are an average family.  Nothing that special going on here.

What makes us different is our “can-do” attitude about travel.  We’re not discouraged by obstacles, we want to travel so we do!  We travel, we travel a lot!  What makes us different is that we’ve put travel as a high priority in our lives.  We want to show our daughter the world.  And by doing so, it appears we’ve taken the road less traveled.  To use, it’s normal.

How do we afford to travel?

We are an average middle class family, so it’s not like we have an unlimited cash flow to fund our travels.   We budget our day to day in a way to have money for what’s important in our lives – travel.  So in order for us to travel, we have to be on a very strict travel budget.

We don’t stay at glamorous resorts; we seek out the most budget friendly accommodations that meet our needs.

We don’t fly first class.  In fact we only fly when we find a great fare – they’re out there – we just booked round trip tickets from Toronto to London for under $400 a ticket!

Over our years of traveling, we have become experts at making travel affordable – a skill that I hope to pass along to you thru this blog.

When do you have time to travel?

With a daughter in school, we get asked a lot about how we find time to travel.  We don’t pull her out of school for travel (well maybe a day or two here and there.)  We find the time!  As soon as the school schedule is made public for the upcoming school year we put are travel plans into action.  The school calendar ends up looking like a detailed blue print of the most complicated invention ever by the time we’re done with it – staring ½ days, highlighting vacation days, blocking off long weekends.

We plan our trips around her school schedule.  We try to travel locally when she has a 4-day weekend.  Our long haul trips are reserved for summer vacation.  Plus, we make good use of winter and spring breaks and often travel around holiday breaks.

We can help!

We traveled extensively before having our daughter and we have traveled extensively with her.  We understand that traveling with family and kids is vastly different from traveling without.  We’ve made a lot of mistakes and have learned from them.

We would love to share what we’ve learned with you.

More importantly we would love to inspire you to have your own travel adventures with your family.

Come join us on our extraordinary journeys. 

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